How To Improve Your Booklet Graphics

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Why do not you take the time and improve the graphics of your custom booklets? No booklet printing will survive successfully without great full color images and graphics of course. Do not worry, improving your booklet graphics is actually quite easy, especially with today's design and printing software. With just a few clicks and mouse drags, you can make your images better and ready for full scale booklet printing in no time.

Let me help you get started with improving those booklet graphics. I have listed down below all the essential basics that will enhance the look and feel of all your photographs, logos, images and graphics for your booklet printing.

a. Cutting and cropping properly First up, you should of course cut and crop your images properly. Do not simply insert them into your layout document and resize them. You will surprised as how some images will look if you crop them in such a way as to emphasize the important image elements at the top third of the image area. Since that is the spot where most people look at first, your images will be more effective. So make sure that your images get cut and cropped properly, it is a significant factor in improving those design elements.

b. Enhancements through image property adjustments The next step in improving those booklet images are the adjustment of its image properties to enhance it looks. In a lot of cases, the most common image settings that you will want to play with to enhance those graphics are the brightness and contrast settings. These rule of course the brightness level and the color contrasts of the different elements in the images. By adjusting both values using your design software, you can easily make your graphics look more vivid and bright to peoples eyes. Just make sure you do not make it TOO bright as to burn the graphic.

c. Enhancements through effect filters Another way to enhance your booklet graphics is to add effect filters. Now, different design applications have different filters that apply a wide variety of special effects. From Photoshop, Corel Draw and even Inkscape, there are tons of ways you can improve your graphics. All you need to do is to find the effects menu or tool in the software and then apply the effect you want to the whole image.

Typically, you can try simple lighting or color effects such as greyscale tones, sepia tones, colored tones, texture filters and even special sketched or poster type filters. Just mix and match these effects to see how they fit into the theme of your custom booklets. Whatever the case, applying these things should be a cinch and youll have well enhanced graphics after it.

d. Using the right border styles Borders are also an important part of improving the images in a booklet. While others graphics in booklets can make do with no borders whatsoever (such as in the case with logos and chart elements), some photographs or drawings will need those boxed lines to define them. The best move here is to just use simple plain lines, unless you have a special theme in mind. Personally, I like just adding a soft shadow effect as a border of images because it is subtle but it makes the picture pop out. Whatever the case, as long as the borders contribute to the images and does not distract from them, you should be able easily integrate those graphics effectively into your full color booklets.

Great! As you can see, it is easy to improve your graphics with some of these tips. So you should really take the time and improve the graphics in your color booklets. Believe me, they will count a lot in your booklet printing.
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How To Improve Your Booklet Graphics

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This article was published on 2011/01/17